Dear Brie,

Thank you a million times for all the time, patience and devotion you have put into me and my music.  You have blessed me so much.  You will never know how much you have done to make me who I am.  I never would have gotten this far without you.  You are a wonderful teacher and I love you!  Love, Mattie W.


Dear Brie, You have been so sweet during these past months.  Trying to explain what E major is and so forth.  I love you girl!  Love, E Major


Dear Brie, Thank you for all your time with Brady.  You make it more enjoyable for him.  We appreciate you.  Beth and Bo


Miss Brie, Thank you so much for taking the time to go with me and look at the piano.  Your help and advice were invaluable!  Thank you so very much for sharing your time with us.  We are so excited to have a piano to practice on.  We really do appreciate your example of care and generosity.  With Love, Laura and Jim M.


Brie, Thank you for everything you've done to invest in Mattie's life.  All the lessons are greatly appreciated, but even more than that, she has had your beautiful example of godly womanhood to look to during this very crucial season of her life.  We love and appreciate who you are!  Keep Shining!  Love, Mark and Bonnie W.


Dear Mrs. Brie,
How are you? I'm doing OK.  I can't WAIT 'til the piano recital! I hope that I'll be ready by then!  Oh well! God knows what is best!  I've got to get back to homeschooling! Thank you for helping me progress in my piano!  Love, Hannah Grace B.


Dear Brie, Thanks so much for all the effort you put into the Spring Recital.  It was great, and so special for Em.  But even more, thanks for all the love and friendship and support you've given Emma as her piano teacher, youth leader and friend.  It is so comforting to me as a Mom to know that God has provided other Godly women to be an influence and support for everything God has called me to do.  Thanks for being such a blessing!  --Amy B.


Dear  Brie, For several weeks I've wanted to express my thanks to you for taking on my children as your piano students.  I don't know that they realize the opportunity for learning music that they have with you.  It is my prayer that they will consider what is before them and recognize, rather seize, this opportunity.  My husband and I both agree that your encouraging words alone are worth the time spent with you.  We appreciate you...  Sincerely, Donna S.


Brie, Thank you for all your wonderful work with the girls.  We think you are a fantastic teacher and we appreciate the love for music you are sharing with the girls.  With Love, Laura, Karina and Kyleigh


Dear Miss Brie,  Just to let you know, when I play the piano, I think of you.  And how you play so pretty.  You are the best teacher I ever had.  From, Karen L.  (age 10)


Dear Brie, Thank you so much for being my teacher.  Love, Jerusha S.  (age 12)


Thank you, Brie for teaching me.  Love, Josiah  (age 10)


Merry Christmas, Miss Brie.  Thank you for being my piano teacher.  I love it.  -McKenzie  (age 6)


You are a wonderful teacher and your encouragement could not have come at a more perfect time - I am sure God had his hand in leading me to you.  Strangely enough I was not nervous at all (at the recital) - Never before have I felt so at ease and comfortable playing.  All those students -(especially me) - are VERY blessed to have you as our teacher.  -Jan C.


Dear Brie, Thank you so much for your sweet giving spirit to us and your diligence in teaching us.  Thank you so much for your investment in our family and in our piano.  It is so encouraging having such a special teacher who believes in you and makes the music come alive.  I love the way you help us to feel our music.  I have so much appreciated your investment in my life.  Rhonda S.


Dear Brieta, Thank you again for your gracious offering of music at our Celebration of Life event on Friday night!  -Teri


Dear Brieta, Thank you so very much for that lovely CD.  It is beautiful, soothing music.  We will treasure it.  Ted, Anita and Darron M.